Saturday, January 2, 2010

I missed the first one! Post dated January 1st 2010

What chance do I have? I forgot to post the first photo of the year even though I was chatting about it through the day with various people! Here goes, hopefully I will establish a routine and become more successful ...

The theme for the this month is Change. Our yard is left to its own devices a lot of the time. I teach full time, study online a lot of the time and am also involved in a few other projects. My poor old husband is left to do the majority of the work around the house which means that he determines the priorities - should it be the lawn mown, the bathroom renovation moved on or make a sandwich to keep the wife happy? These mangoes have blossomed on our tree despite us. I have a photo showing their progress as I was so impressed with the amount of fruit on the tree this year.

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