Sunday, October 31, 2010

30/365 Saturday 30th October 2010

Mum and Dad always go to such trouble when it is their turn to share the Saturday meal. This week was a delicious spread starting with Miso soup, followed by chicken marinated in miran and sake (I think I remembered correctly) accompanied by pork in a miso broth with lots of vegetables. Truly delicious.

29/365 Friday 29th October 2010

Queensland celebrated World Teachers Day today. As part of the assembly all staff received a certificate and I was one of a couple recognised for 10 years continuous service with Education Queensland. Two got medals for 20 years and the Principal received one for 25 years!

38/365 Thursday 28th October 2010

I was a facilitator for DPL training at the QAHS, this is a photo of the screen whilst Adrian Greig at the Learning Innovation Centre was sharing his expertise on operating safely and ethically via iConnect.

37/365 Wednesday 27th October 2010

The lovely Tanya Sutton managed to squeeze a visit in, she's touring schools on the South Coast who are exemplars of digital pedagogy. Afterwards we went to the Coffee Club to debrief and have a laugh!

36/365 Tuesday 26th October 2010

I'm working with two friends from another school on a collaborative project to make using the persuasive writing we have to do in preparation for NAPLAN worthwhile! Last week we made it to the trending topics on our Department activity stream! A proud moment!

34 & 35 /365 Sunday 24th 25th October 2010

I haven't kept up this week, it's report writing time so there will be a couple of last minute photos added. This is Chunkmeister, our Tonkinese cat surveying the kitchen. He is a moany cat, always on the scrounge for biscuits!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

33/365 Saturday 23 October 2010

Out for dinner last night with Twitter buddies.