Sunday, January 24, 2010

21st January 2010

The last day of the summer holiday. I spent most of the morning chatting with Telstra employess in various parts of the globe about the shocking service I had experienced and bemoaning our transition from Optus. I did end up staying with them because the bill I was complaining about was restored to what it should have been. How bizarre that I was fined $109 for upgrading an internet account over the internet rather than over the phone. Absolutely ridiculous.

Salad season

It is apparently 43 degrees C in the southern states today. It is very humid here, but about 33ish. Summer salads are the go for meals, I have a bowl of salad made up in the fridge that I top up as I need it. The avocado goes first, then the mushrooms and cucumber pieces!

Lovely avocado

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