Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holidays again...

September holidays are here at last, two weeks to catch up on images not uploaded since January! I've let my Flickr subscription lapse too and photos are not displaying as a result. Will have to get that sorted pronto! Maybe I should move on, not try to backtrack. What do you think?

The holiday has started slowly. As per normal I had an assignment to complete, only 1 1/2 subjects to go now until I have finished the MEd (Technology). That was uploaded by midday then I had time to watch a bit of telly before I went out for dinner at Ahmets at Southbank. Donna Benjamin is up from Melbourne and staying at Vicky's to chat about the QSITE web site. The evening was spent discussing firewalls, open source software, set up of the web site and some mention of serious gaming.

1 comment:

  1. Why not start fresh again. Too much to catchup on. 365 can start on any day.
    looking forward to the pics,
    cheers from Jenny