Thursday, September 30, 2010

10/365 Thursday 30th September Early to rise

Had another trip to Garden City for lunch with friends. I got this artistic photo as they were going down the escalator.

9/365 Wednesday 29th September Trip to Chermside

Today I was looking for an adventure. We have stayed at home again this holiday so I have been updating planning, preparing for a PD session tomorrow and not a lot else. My daughter and I went for a drive to Chermside to have a look at the Apple store over there. It was lovely! Nice shiny bright things. I like the keyboard for the iPad, will get one sometime. The staff there were really helpful too, I was shown how to create a new network for when I am presenting using Keynote and my iphone. I got caught short in Mackay because there was no wifi access in the room. Apparently that isn't a problem, will let you know tomorrow if this new trick works!

Husband about to go back to work.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

8/365 28th September 2010

Today began at 4.30 am when poor old hubby had to get up for work. For some reason planning ideas were milling around in my head and I have been on the computer for a few hours now. @jnxyz posted an early morning photo on his Posterous blog so I did the same on FaceBook. This holiday has been grey and damp for the two weeks, the forecast has it going over into next week as well when we are back at school. Hope it clears up soon!

7/365 27th September 2010

After a trip to the tax agent, who did not calculate the amount I was expecting (mental note to self, stop spending money that you are not going to see again!) daughter and I went to the post office to pick up my new Twitter t-shirt then on to Garden City. We found Christmas has already started at DJs and went to Maccas on Logan Road for a cup of tea to get over the shock!

Photos will be uploaded when the computer finds the images in iphoto. For some reason it can't see them when I click on Browse to upload them, but it has the ones I added to Events before and ones after in the list. Bizarre.

(Link from YFrog, can't find it through Events.)

6/365 26 September 2010

Hubby has been waiting for The Girl Who Played with Fire to hit the cinemas, so we went last night which meant that we missed out on our weekly visit to my parents for dinner. Instead we went round on Sunday and were treated to a delicious turkey mince meat loaf. This is a picture of Dad showing my husband how to make the perfect cup of coffee afterwards.

6/365 26th September 2010

We don't pay for TV, there are too many ads. Every once in a while we have a visit to JB HiFi to choose a new series to watch, this time it was Six Feet Under. There are five series on the shelves of that one, so we should be entertained for a while with that one.

5/365 25th September 2010

The Ikea catalogue arrived so we went with everyone else from Brisbane to have a look at the specials. Even though the car park was chock a block, we found a spot fairly close to the doorway and managed to escape quite quickly through the payment queue as they have a number of self serve areas too. Hubby was sad though, he didn't get his free coffee for joining the "Ikea Family". The line up for that was just toooo long!

4/365 24th September 2010

Can you believe it! I got the previous days' photos up and forgot to carry through for the current day. I was on the computer for a lot of the day anyway. One of the jpegs I did create was a copy of the flyer for the QSITE holiday get together that the Gold Coast chapter is organising.

That will have to go up later, I'm on dial up speed. Both my daughter and I have been busy online for the past week so the limit is maxed.

Friday, September 24, 2010

3/365 23 September 2010

Went round to mum and dad's for breakfast in the morning. As I was about to get into the car we noticed a frilly lizard under the door. Haven't seen one for ages, our dog chases everything away and I suppose the cats that are allowed to roam get the others.

2/365 Wednesday 22 September 2010

Ooops, late again. Doesn't bode well for keeping up with this does it!

I'll put a photo here later.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Holidays again...

September holidays are here at last, two weeks to catch up on images not uploaded since January! I've let my Flickr subscription lapse too and photos are not displaying as a result. Will have to get that sorted pronto! Maybe I should move on, not try to backtrack. What do you think?

The holiday has started slowly. As per normal I had an assignment to complete, only 1 1/2 subjects to go now until I have finished the MEd (Technology). That was uploaded by midday then I had time to watch a bit of telly before I went out for dinner at Ahmets at Southbank. Donna Benjamin is up from Melbourne and staying at Vicky's to chat about the QSITE web site. The evening was spent discussing firewalls, open source software, set up of the web site and some mention of serious gaming.